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My name is Amelie and that paw in my face belongs to Boss, my mutt. I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter. My journey into this work isn't traditional. I began walking dogs as part of my rehabilitation after being hit by a car in 2012. Dogs helped get me out of bed, got me moving and their love, affection and playful personalities helped me mentally and emotionally. This thing I was doing to heal, became something bigger than I anticipated, I decided that if I were to continue in this work, I needed to learn more about the animals in my care. I began taking classes on animal behaviour and haven't stopped since! I regularly take classes, attend workshops and seminars offered by certified and accredited professionals in the field of animal behaviour science and ethology. Details can be found in the education tab
I follow LIMA (least intrusive minimally aversive) protocols and have a fear free & force free approach to animal care.

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Bon Chien Good Dog Services

Educational Walks

Physical and mental exercise

30 or 60min walks that include scent work, basic training, play dates, running, etc. The activities depend on the dogs' needs, behaivour, & health

Dog Sitting

At my home or yours!

Whether it's just for the day, or a few weeks, the goal is for your dog to not miss you! Walks, playdates, cuddles, it's all about making your dogs staycation fun & stress free. You'll receive pictures & videos daily!

Cat Sitting

Feedings, liter cleaning and play

Either a daily 1hr check in or overnight cat sitting, your cat will be loved & cared for while your away. From cuddles to enrichment games, different activities will be provided for your cat depending on needs & behaviour.

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Science based by certified trainers

I've partnered with certified & accredited trainers to provide you with science based R+ training.


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