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Bon Chien Good Dog subscribes to LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) and force free methods. We utilise positive reinforcement and do not use tools or devices such as shock collars (e-collars), prong collars, chokers or any tool used to punish, scare or intimidate. We respect your pets’ boundaries and use counter conditioning, operant conditioning, desensitisation, play, and other force free methods when we train, engage with, walk, and/or pet sit them.
All services require an initial consultation in order to create a positive association for your pet and for you to meet the person who will be caring for them. This makes further visits with your dog or cat less stressful for them, more fun, and makes for a smoother transition. 



Dog Walking

In order to keep your dog safe and healthy, dog walks may be shortened or cancelled in the event of extreme heat (over 25 degrees celsius), extreme cold, or rain storms. This may vary depending on the individual dog, their breed, and their comfort level. 

We don’t want your pets care to be a financial burden, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly invoicing as well as pre-paid options.
Late fees may apply and walks will be put on hold when your payment is a week past due. We have bills to pay too and bills have due dates! Exceptions may apply if we’re notified ahead of time of late payment.

We understand that things come up, schedules change, our pets fall ill, and though meteorologists try, the weather can be unpredictable.. We accept cancellations and rescheduling up to 2hrs before the planned walk.. However, you will be charged for the walk if we are not notified before arriving or if we are already on our way to your pup.
In the event where we have to cancel your dogs walk, we do our best to reschedule.
For your dogs’ safety, we may cancel or shorten walks due to weather conditions, especially when temperatures are above 25 degrees celsius or below 20 degrees celsius. This may vary depending on your dogs breed, age, and health status.
Walks may also be cancelled, postponed, or shortened due to safety concerns, if your dog has been trigger stacked (especially if your dog is reactive, we will end the walk and play indoors or do a calming activity indoors), illness, injury and/or non-payment.
*Note: Amelie’s’ beloved dog Boss has been diagnosed with cancer. On his higher pain days, she may need to stay home to care for him. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Pet Sitting


If your dog is staying with us, we require our dogs meet, if they don’t already know each other. A slow introduction in a park, followed by a visit to our home to see how the dogs are together in a home setting will ensure a safer and more pleasant stay for your pet.  You are responsible for providing your pets food, and any supplements or medication they may need.
It is your responsibility to disclose any behaviour or health related issues.
If we are staying in your home to care for your dog, we may take pictures of your home when we arrive, and on the day we leave, to ensure your home was left well cared for.

We currently only offer cat sitting in your home. You are responsible for providing food, litter, and anything else your cat will need while you are away (medication, supplements, treats, etc). It is your responsibility to disclose any behaviour or health related issues.

Overnight Dog Sitting: Once the dog sitting contract is accepted by both parties, a non-refundable reservation fee, equal to 10% of the total cost of the pet sitting contract, is required. 

  • Payment for dog sitting 4 days or less is made in one instalment, upon drop off OR in two instalments, 50% upon drop off and 50% upon pick up. 

  • Payment for dog sitting 5 days or more is to be made in 2 instalments, 50% on drop off and the remainder upon your return + a day (We understand you may have had a long flight or drive and may need time to rest).
    Ex: If your dog stays with us for 5 days, at $75/day, it comes to $375. A reservation fee of $37.50 is to be paid upon contract signing. Then 1 payment of $168.75 on the first day/drop off, and 2nd payment of $168.75 on the last day/pick up. 

  • Payment for dog sitting longer than 14 days can be made into smaller payments, but must be paid in full by the end of the dog sitting contract. 

Dog Sitting for Separation Anxiety

  • Initial consultation required

  • Minimum of 3hrs (except for trials)

  • Pre-paid and bulk hours options available

We understand that while having a dog or cat brings a lot of joy in our lives, it can also cause a lot of stress, frustration, concern, sadness, and other not so good emotions. If you’re having a hard time dealing with your pets big emotions or health issues, please talk to us. We will try to support you as best we can and can refer you to others who can help. If punitive methods are chosen and used on your pet, we will have to end the relationship and any services paid for will not be refunded. 

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