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In order to help your pet, and you, get comfortable with me an initial meeting is required where we meet, and depending on your pets comfort level, we will play, go for a walk, or I will keep my distance from them and respect their boundaries. 
If your dog is coming to stay with me, I require that our dogs meet first and that your dog comes to visit my area, so it will be a familiar place to them when they come to stay.



This is a 1hr in person meeting. The purpose of this is for your dog to create a positive association to me and for me to evaluate your dog's personality and behaviour. This allows me to better plan your dogs' care and activities. If your dog is staying with me, this meeting may involve our dogs meeting under a controlled setup. 



Should your pet be nervous, fearful, or should there be any uncertainty where follow up playdates are required, we can meet again. It's all about ensuring you and your pet are comfortable with me and/or my dog.



If your pet needs more time to adjust, that's OK! I won't force them into a situation they're not comfortable with. We can do multiple playdates and go at their pace. Their comfort and safety is a priority. 

*This is a prepaid option, if we don't use all 5 playdates, the remaining balance will be credited to your dog sitting invoice.



Your dog gets to enjoy the comforts of home by having us stay with them. This is ideal for dogs with anxiety or health issues. They'll get at least 2 walks a day (depending on their needs, mobility, and weather), play, cuddles and basic training.
Your mail will be picked up and plants will be watered. 
You will receive daily photos and videos of your dog.

Sleeping Dogs



Prefer to give your pup an adventure outside the home? They can stay with us! This is ideal for weekend getaways or short business trips. Your dog will have scheduled playdates, go for at least 2 walks a day, receive lots of cuddles and belly rubs!
You will receive daily pictures and videos of your dog.

Sleeping Dog



Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Do you need someone to stay with them while you are out for longer than they are comfortable? I've got you covered. I bring enrichment activities, toys, and some soothing music for your pooch, all to keep them busy, happy, and calm while you're gone.

Rescue Puppy



Whether you need someone to just stop by for a daily visit to feed your cat, clean the liter, bring in the mail or if you need someone to stay with your cat while you're away, we offer both! Our goal is to make your cat happy and comfortable while you're gone.
You'll receive daily pictures and videos of your cat. 
Prices varies depending on location, and number of visits.

Sleeping Cat
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