Bon Chien Good Dog Services

Putting Your Pets Needs First

In Home Dog Sitting


Your dog gets to enjoy the comforts of home by having us stay with them. This is ideal for dogs with anxiety or health issues. They'll get at least 2 walks a day (depending on their needs, mobility, and weather), play, cuddles and basic training.
Your mail will be picked up and plants will be watered. 
You will receive daily photos and videos of your dog.

Sleeping Dogs

Overnight Boarding


Prefer to give your pup an adventure outside the home? They can stay with us! This is ideal for weekend getaways or short business trips. Your dog will have scheduled playdates, go for at least 2 walks a day, receive lots of cuddles and belly rubs!
You will receive daily pictures and videos of your dog.

Sleeping Dog

Day Care


Need someone to watch your dog just for the day while you're out at an event, or simply running errands? We can come hang out with your pooch or they can come to us. We'll go for walks, play, and snuggle, keeping them busy while you're busy!

Rescue Puppy

Cat Sitting


Whether you need someone to just stop by for a daily visit to feed your cat, clean the liter, bring in the mail or if you need someone to stay with your cat while you're away, we offer both! Our goal is to make your cat happy and comfortable while you're gone.

Sleeping Cat